Month: November 2014


The Raymond K. Shepardson Archives

I’m currently working to launch the Ray Shepardson site.  Soon there will be a photo archive of the many theaters that Ray helped to restore. There will also be  othere articles found in the Shepardson Archives.  A Wikipedia page is under construction also which will have several links back to this site. Where permanent free locations for assets are available, we will try to maintain links to photo libraries and articles and scans.

Ray Shepardson lived an extraordinary life that touched a lot of people and had a huge economic impact on the communities in which he worked his magic.   His history of economic renewal through theatre restoration earned him the Ohio Governors award in 2013.

I write this on the first day this site became active. If you knew Ray, you can be a big help in identifying many of the people in his extensive photo collection that is a visual diary of the rebirth of  many of the country’s  “Cathedrals to human imagination”.

While holding a reverence for the power of live performance, Ray also held a deep respect and wonder for the magic of the incredible interiors that are the American Movie Palace.  These buildings are iconic in American history. Ray understood  their power and their magic and worked tirelessly througout his life to make sure that his restorations were used to their full economic potential while celebrating imagination and not simply stand as opulent museums of a bygone era.